Our Board and Batten Room-Part 2

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! I’m just going to jump right in with pictures, because if you’re like me, that’s the part you really care about! Also, if anyone would like to bless me with some photography lessons, I would love you forever 🙂



So a little about this room. It’s where I teach piano lessons everyday, but it’s also a part of our home, so I have a few different goals for this room.  Since I have students (and sometimes parents) coming into my house everyday, it needs to be a professional space.  But since it’s our home, I want it to feel homey too.  I want it to be fun for the kids, yet not feel like I’m walking into a classroom every time I walk in my living room.  I tried to stick with basic furniture styles while adding fun pops of color, but keeping it grown up by mixing patterns and decor.

Now for some of the little details.


This is framed sheet music that my grandmother passed down to me years ago.  Some of it is from the 1930’s or earlier.  This might be my favorite part of the room.

DSC_0811This old window is from the house where I grew up, and where my parents still live.  I keep thinking I need something on either side of it, but sometimes simple is the best option. By the way, boxwood wreaths are expensive!! I splurged and bought one at Target.:)

DSC_0841This was my chair when I was a little girl.  I still haven’t quite figured out how to decorate around it, but I’ll get to it soon  Sometimes you just have to let something be for a little while before you do anything with it.

DSC_0848There’s a fun little story behind this box.  If you know my husband, you know he is really into guns.  Well, he drug me to a gun shop one day and I looked over and saw this little gem sitting there, and being the wheeler and dealer that he is, Andy got the store owner to throw it in with his purchase.  So I took it home and threw a coat of paint on it, sanded the edges a little, and painted the hardware with some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.  I can’t remember the color of the paint I used, but I got it from Lowes. This is also the same paint I used on the old window. And since I believe in not only making things pretty, but also functional, this box holds my spray paint stash 🙂



Product List:

Paint: Sherwin Williams Extra White and Studio Taupe

Furniture: Chair, Couch, Bookcase-Ikea; Chest of drawers-Farmhouse Furniture

Other Items: Poufs-Target (clearance); Throw Pillows-Target, Ikea; Rug-Home Depot (clearance); everything else-Hobby Lobby, Marshall’s, Target, Ikea

You can check out how we made the Mason Jar Sconces here and our front door here.

This room is by no means complete.   We still have some dingy yellow switches that need to be replaced with white ones and we need to put shoe moulding down.  And of course, decorating is always evolving.  I’m sure I will walk into that room in a couple weeks and see something that I want to change, and that’s ok.  I’m still trying to figure out what I want to hang over the blue chest of drawers.  I just haven’t really had a grand idea yet of what needs to go there, but it will come eventually.

I would like to leave you with a picture of what the room looks like on a daily basis, because I can guarantee you I don’t keep a perfect house.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!  DSC_0847

In my attempt to keep the dogs off the furniture, I put the poufs on the couch while we are gone.  But it never fails…when we get home one of the girls is on top of them with their paws on the back of it looking out the window, so excited that we are home. It makes it pretty hard to get mad at their cute little faces. 🙂

You could probably even tell from some of the pictures that it isn’t the picture perfect room you will see on Pinterest.  We have to keep the couch covered  because we are bad dog parents and haven’t done a good job of teaching them to stay of the furniture. It’s ok! You probably saw a few dust bunnies because I don’t sweep and dust everyday.  It’s ok! There are constantly finger prints, kitty paw prints, and dust on the black piano.  It’s ok! My point is, don’t waste your life away worrying about your house being perfect.  I love decorating and making my house pretty, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.  You will never be able to make it perfect.  And what’s the fun in perfection anyways! 😉

So which room is your favorite room in your house?  Is there a room that you’ve been working on for a while, but haven’t quite figured out all the details yet?  Share some pictures and ideas! We’re in this together!



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