The End is in Sight!

Well…kind of. At least an end is in sight to this particular part of the renovation. The good GREAT news is we are making progress!! There is no more wallpaper at Dogwood Lane and that in itself is something to celebrate! I wish I could say the same for the paneling, BUT we are getting pretty close on that too.

Countless hours of peeling, scraping, pulling out nails, more scraping, climbing on and off step stools, and a little more scraping have now come to an end, and we are well on our way to having sheetrock that is free of the hideous decor of the 70’s and 80’s.  YAY!!!

Our sheetrock guy started last week on the master bedroom, both hallways, and kitchen, and will hopefully be hanging the sheetrock in the den this weekend. Paneling that was glued to the walls and 30+ year old wallpaper can really wreak havoc on some sheetrock, so we felt like this part of the job would be best left to the professionals. And he has done a great job so far!

You might be wondering “Are there any downsides to having sheetrock work done while you are living in the midst of it all?” I’ll let you be the judge…

DSC_0779 DSC_0778

Hey! Who needs a kitchen anyway? And guess what. The dust still gets underneath all the plastic that you so carefully lay out. It’s ok though.  It will give me a good reason to do some major cleaning (at least that’s what I’m telling myself).  Gotta look at the positive in things, right?! 🙂 It honestly hasn’t been TOO horrible. We’ve got enough space where we can hang out in other parts of the house while the rest of it is being torn apart and put back together again.  But we have stuff crammed everywhere!  It is absolutely ridiculous! I can foresee a yard sale in the near future.

Here’s where it gets fun: before and after pictures!!  Well…I don’t have any after pics for you YET, but before and during are fun, too, right?! 🙂

So here is the kitchen beforeIMG_1214 IMG_1215 IMG_1217and during

DSC_0779Isn’t it so much brighter and more open feeling already?!  I can’t WAIT to start painting!

The downstairs hallway opened up soooo much when we took the paneling down.  Luckily, there was already sheetrock behind it and the paneling wasn’t glued to the walls, so that left very little mudding that had to be done.

Before-dark and gloomyDSC_0725

During-bright and open!! In case you can’t tell, this pic was taken from the other end of the hallway.  That angle really shows how much of a difference it makes getting that paneling out of there!


The upstairs hallway isn’t as dramatic of a change, but it’s still pretty fun to see the transformation.

Before-ugly textured wallpaper and dark paneling.


DuringDSC_0757A couple things that are really going to make the hallways pop are new floors and bright white doors.  And hopefully some more lighting! These two hallways have zero natural light so I’ve got to use other elements to bring “bright and cheery” into the space.   And don’t you just love the attic fan? So stylish 😉

Our supervisor


Next, we have the master bedroom. As you may recall, this room was floor to ceiling wallpaper.  You can take a look back here for all the details, but for now, here is the before

IMG_1291During-this is after one layer of skimming. DSC_0783

And finally, the den. This room is going to be so amazing to see the transformation because the entire room was paneling with dark trim, doors, fireplace, mantle, and cabinets.  I mean, could they not have chosen a color other than brown for any of those elements? Sheesh!

So here’s the beforeDSC_0788
DSC_0789Yes, there are three dog beds. “But you only have two dogs,” you say? We seem to be dog magnets and you just never know when another one might show up. 🙂 And isn’t that mantle so great! Andy’s dad built that back in the day!

And sans paneling. The first pic is kind of dark, but it’s looking over toward where the built ins were, and the second is looking toward the fireplace. DSC_0803 DSC_0804

I told Andy last night, as we pulled down the last piece of paneling and stood among studs and insulation, that there’s no turning back now.  And I thought it was funny that he was wearing this shirt, but working in flip flops and not wearing safety glasses.  That’s how we roll around here!


And for all you safety minded people out there, you will be happy to know that Andy put on safety glasses not long after this picture was taken to assure that there were no rogue pieces of wood flying into his eyes 🙂 Safety first people!

BUT, sheetrock is being hung as I type this.  SQUEEL!!! I’ve been making myself stay upstairs and not go look at their progress because I want to get the full effect when I first walk in.  I can’t wait!!

Wow! That was a lot of pictures, and I’m sure your brain is on overload like mine.  But I just had to share the progress! As I’m living in the mess, I’m reminded that there is always the end product to look forward to. Is it a hard and long road getting there? It definitely can be, but with a little patience and perseverance , anything is possible 🙂  (Hmm, there’s kind of some spiritual parallels there). So no matter what season your life (or your house) is in, know that there is a bright finish coming your way!

Until next time, go be great!



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