5 Nights of Pinterest Recipes-Nights 3 & 4

I’m a complete slacker and didn’t post night 3 last night when I was supposed to. Will you ever forgive me?! I know you all were just waiting on pins and needles to find out what was for dinner last night. 🙂

Let me explain…

I was peeling wallpaper off of unprimed sheetrock for a couple hours (by the way, this is not fun AT ALL!) and my sweet hubby was working on his old car having a frustrating time with some things, we decided to go out for Mexican.  Mexican food always makes things better! Well, I thought, “I will make us a Pinterest dessert when we get back, and that will be my night 3 recipe.”

Didn’t happen!  We got home and there were three owls out in our front yard, and we thought that was pretty cool.  So we sat out on the porch for a while and just watched them.  One flew down to the ground about 20 feet from us and looked us square in the eye! It was kind of creepy!

So tonight I give you 2 Pinterest recipes 🙂

For supper I gave these fun Ranch Chicken Club Roll-ups a try!

Yummy, right?!

They turned out pretty good, although I had to alter the recipe just a tad.  I was only going to make 4 because there’s only two of us, so I thought I could save the extra can of crescent rolls for another night.  Well, turns out there were not going to be any rollups made out of these little crescent rolls.  The dough was so thin that there was no way I could roll the cheese, bacon, and chicken.  So I took the extra can of rolls and basically made mini calzones.


I could only eat half of mine because it ended up being twice the size of what it was supposed to be.  And I think I would like them better if it was filled with pepperoni and pizza sauce 🙂  But overall, not a bad dish!  And again, the hubs thought it was pretty good, so I am three for three this week!


And because I told you I was going to make up for being a slacker yesterday and give you two recipes, we had these yummy Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream Shakes!

By the time we were done with them, I’m pretty sure they were not considered Weight Watchers milkshakes anymore! We used whole milk instead of skim.  My husband is one of THOSE.  You know, the kind that will ONLY drink whole milk.  It’s ok though.  I don’t drink much milk so I’m ok with whole milk every now and then.

I also used Double Stuf Oreos.  That’s all I will say about that …



This is by far the best thing I’ve had all week! But I’m a little partial to Oreos!

So there you go.  Two Pinterest recipes for ya tonight.  You should definitely try the shakes!




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