A Little Splash of Color

I LOVE color!  Little splashes of it in just the right places can add so much life to a room.  Since we are at a little bit of a standstill with the big projects going on inside, I decided to tackle a couple smaller things outside over the next few days.

The first thing on my list was to give these old, lifeless adirondack chairs a facelift!


Just for giggles, can you see the oh so slight difference in the two chairs? One was put together by my sweet husband, and the other one was put together by yours truly 🙂 I’ll let you decide which is which!  As Andy, would say, “You’ve got to pay attention to detail.”

We’ve had these chairs for a couple years now, and have had all intentions of painting or staining them.  But as with many things, it just kept getting put on the back burner. So a couple weeks ago, in a fit of motivation, I started working on the matching ottomans (forgot to take a before picture of them). They turned out PERFECT!!! So perfect that it gave me the extra motivation I needed to push through the dread of painting the chairs, which I knew were going to require a little more work because, obviously, they are bigger.

Are you ready to see the final product?!?!


They turned out great, don’t you think?!  I love them so much, and it’s just what our deck needed! A splash of color!   And those pillows…aren’t they so cute? I bought them at Lowe’s, and if turquoise isn’t really your color, they have many more cute pillows to choose from.  I am just obsessed with anything turquoise right now! I think I have a problem! :/


Are there things around your house that you’ve been wanting to spruce up a little?  If so, this is the weekend to tackle it!  Go buy some spray paint and get to sprayin’! Add some color to your life! 🙂



One thought on “A Little Splash of Color

  1. Adirondackorable! These are also two of my current favorite colors- so cheery!
    Love the projects! Keep them coming 🙂

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